Perfect For NFL Flag Football Rules!
By FirstDown PlayBook on Jul 29, 2017

If you coach a 5v5 Flag Football team in an NFL Flag, USA Football or Football Canada league you know that you cannot have your quarterback run with the football directly after receiving the snap. This is a good rule as it allows the coach to get more players involved in the game and prevents one player from taking over a game while the other nine players watch.

However, it can be challenging to design plays in this system as many coaches are wanting to run RPO’s Run Pass Option plays even at the flag youth football level. This is why FirstDown PlayBook likes the 5v5 flag football formation that we have been working on over the past couple of days. We call this formation SPLIT BACKS. It’s not your traditional split backs formation because there really is no quarterback, until the ball is snapped that is.

With this formation it allows you disguise who the quarterback is until the very last second when the ball is snapped. The back who receives the snap still cannot run the ball directly off of the snap but the defense has to figure that out in a hurry and it forces them to account for all five of your flag football players on offense. So as your putting together your flag football play books and wrist sheets this weekend you might want to take a look at some of our Split Backs formation plays!


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