Play Action Pass Conflict Of Assignment
By FirstDown PlayBook on Mar 8, 2018

Whenever you see a successful play action pass you are most likely going to find a defensive player in conflict of assignment. As we begin our upgrade and install in the play-action pass section this is going to be a common theme.

We understand that this area of the passing game can get cheated this time of year as everyone is wanting to compete and win at the 7on7 style of football where you don’t get a lot of benefit from faking the run.

However, the smart coaches who are really trying to develop quarterbacks still incorporate some of this in 7on7 to bring along a young QB and his play action pass footwork for the fall.

FirstDown PlayBook is going to start in the Two Tight section and begin working our way through the One Back formations. Just as we did with the DropBack Pass area. This is going to allow us to accomplish two things.

  1. We will install new football plays as we work through the formations.
  2. We will upgrade the coaching points and put color on all of the plays in each section.

This allows us (and you) to not just focus on the upgrades but also to be constantly adding new football plays as we go. You do realize that this never ends right? FirstDown Playbook is just going to keep drawing and drawing and coaching and coaching… You get the point. At least if you have a membership to FirstDown PlayBook you do.


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