PlayFinder PlayBooks And Now… PlayEngine
By FirstDown PlayBook on Jan 18, 2019

Hey just a quick note before we get started. If you are at the Glazier clinic today in Indianapolis be sure to stop by our booth. You will be glad you did…

Remember the first time you drew a football play? We don’t and if you are a football coach you probably don’t either. Why’s that? Because you have drawn so many since then.

It’s just what we do. We love this game of physical chess as our friend Jen Welter likes to call it. We diagram schemes and plays and we love to match them up against someone else who is drawing up the other side of the ball.

Now don’t get us wrong. We are not minimizing the importance of fundamentals and technique at all but you can’t just rely on that if your opponent has the same talent you do.  If you are the best technician and the best fundamental football teacher you are way ahead of the game and you will have a long career as an assistant coach but make no mistake about it there is a ceiling on your coaching career.

FirstDown PlayBook coaches this game for thirty years at some pretty decent places These days what we try to do is provide football coaches with tools that will help them as they tackle some of the hard things involved with coaching. Things that just eat your day up and steal seconds, minutes and hours that you could be using to coach this game you love so much.

The new FirstDown PlayBook 2.0 Draw and Edit Tool has a lot of things that can help a football coach do their job better and save time but the crown jewel just might be the PlayEngine. You want to talk about a coaching tool that can make a mom or dad look like a thirty year NFL coaching veteran? Watch this…



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