Playing Oklahoma? Your Corners Better Tackle.
By FirstDown PlayBook on Sep 6, 2019

You are the defensive coordinator at South Dakota and you turn on the video of the Oklahoma offense as they start the game against Houston. In the first drive alone you see an offense that is using all fifty three and a third yards of the football field as they easily drive the ball down the field against Houston.

There is Jet Sweep action. There are Bubble Screens. There are mis-direction run schemes that look like they may be from the read option family as well as from the split zone run series. There are crack blocks by receivers at the point of attack. And we are talking about all of this on one play!

Keep in mind as he is looking at all of this, he is also seeing one of the best college quarterbacks in the country take the snaps. The supporting cast isn’t anything to shrug at either.

Having said all of this, it is our bet that he will notice how the two quarters safeties from Houston are running all over the field and are never involved in a tackle. He will also notice how the Houston corners are being forced to tackle whether they want to or not.

This week’s All 22 Tuesday video looks at how Lincoln Riley does a great job of keeping the quarters safeties out of the run game and forces the corners to tackle one of the best ball carriers in the country. Tap on the play below to watch the video breakdown from this past Tuesday.

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