Plays Your Players Want To Learn From
By FirstDown PlayBook on Aug 26, 2019

One of my former players sent me this pic the other day. Tony played linebacker for us back in the day and has gone on to coach at the high school and college level. I was obviously glad to see his ten year old son spending some time on FirstDown PlayBook learning a little ball.

Tony got a kick out of informing me that his young son wasn’t just looking at the flag football plays but he was editing them. The fact that former NFL coaches had drawn these plays up did not faze this young guy. Like all coaches he wanted to put his touch on them to fit his ideas.

I had to laugh because it is very true that all coaches and players have ideas of their own and want to design their own plays and schemes. What I really liked about the pic though was that it showed FirstDown PlayBook holding the interest of a ten year old.

Now granted this ten year old has a coach for a dad but any of you out there coaching flag football or youth football understands how hard it is to keep a young player’s attention. This is especially true these days when you are competing with video games like Madden and Fortnite.

This is why we take the quality and the appearance of our drawings so seriously. You can design the best defense, offense or special teams scheme known to man but if your players don’t look at it, then it’s all for naught. This is why we have designed FirstDown PlayBook to not only be interesting to learn from but easy to interact with.

So regardless of if your young player is a millennial tenth something who straps the pads on each Sunday or a future football coach designing his or her own flag football plays, you can count on FirstDown PlayBook to help you get the game plan across.





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