Plenty Of Red Zone Answers Too!
By FirstDown PlayBook on Mar 27, 2017

It occurred to us this weekend as we were releasing our latest passing game install that we haven’t talked much lately about our Red Zone section. The China concept passing install that we released on Saturday is a good example.

Many of the plays that are in the China concept area are also in the red zone area because when the field gets shorter good offensive coordinators understand that you have to use the complete width of the field when the vertical answers become limited.

FirstDown PlayBook not only has a red zone area but we break this area up into four distinct areas for you as you drive the ball closer to the end zone. So if your 7on7 team is moving the ball up and down the field but you need answers for how to stick it in the end zone then FirstDown PlayBook has more than a few to share with you. Tap on the pic below to learn more about the FirstDown Playbook redzone section!


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