Pressure The Punt And Protect Yourself
By FirstDown PlayBook on Sep 30, 2014
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This is what Arkansas saw on video prior to Saturday’s game.


The End loses contain and it’s off to the races.

Arkansas’ Special Teams coach did a great job this past Saturday vs Texas A&M. He obviously did a lot of film study and saw that the Aggies were cheating on the backside of their Punt Return team. Although we don’t pretend to know the Texas A&M scheme they were probably trying to eat up the Arkansas End by putting the edge rusher inside.  This would give them an extra man to the shield. Our guess is that he was supposed to pull out late and not give up contain or one of his teammates was supposed to pull out inside and fold outside looking for the fake.


Bluff R2 and pull him out late for contain and fake.

The problem is that the A&M player didn’t just use up the block he GOT blocked. The Aggies have no contain and Arkansas takes full advantage of it. It’s a great example of how you must be sound vs fakes when coaching the Punt Return team and if you are going to take a risk you need to make sure it hasn’t been on tape before. The coaching these days is just too good. Someone will pick up on it and take advantage when you least need a huge play against you on Special Teams.


Let the FS talk the Punt Team out of a fake with depth and prowling around the edge outside of R2 before the snap.

The Punt Return diagrams are examples of one of our FirstDown PlayBook Punt Returns vs Shield Punt. We coach the R2 to show rush and draw the block of an interior protector before pulling out for contain late. In other situations we just want the FS to talk the Punt team out of the fake before the snap so they are gambling as much as we are on the play. The final drawing just shows an example of the R1 taking the End in man coverage with outside leverage after bluffing the fake inside first.

As we mentioned before The Texas A&M coach probably did the same and the player didn’t execute it. It’s not our intent to beat up on anyone but to instead help you as you prepare weekly for your Punt Return team. Tap on any pic or the drawing to see Saturday’s play.

PR 7

R1 can bluff inside and pull out late for contain and man coverage if necessary.

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