Product Spotlight: Understanding Each PlayPack
By FirstDown PlayBook on Jun 13, 2012

So you’ve downloaded the FREE FirstDown PlayBook™ app, enjoyed its user-friendly interface and its amazing features, and now you have decided to explore what else our revolutionary app has to offer.

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To truly utilize the FirstDown PlayBook™ app’s full potential and get that personalized experience that reflects your team’s offensive passing philosophy and schemes, we’d like to introduce you to our FirstDown PlayPacks. Each PlayPack is designed with specific formations and schemes in mind with literally hundreds upon hundreds of plays per PlayPack!

Ok…let’s find out which of our PlayPacks should make it into your personal library of drop-back passing plays so that you have everything you need to KEEP THE DRIVE ALIVE!™


PlayPack One

PlayPack One is our biggest PlayPack to date, jam-packed with passing plays that cover the core basics and most often used offensive passing formations. This PlayPack is the cornerstone to any well-rounded and versatile passing offense!

Formations: 2 x 2, 2 Tight, 3 x 1, and the 2 Back Gun

Number of Plays: 2,600+

Overall Theme: Core Basics

Price: $19.99


PlayPack Two

If you love to feature the tight end as a weapon in the passing game or if you want to get two tight end heavy, then PlayPack Two is a must-have. Whether your tight ends are tall, short, fast, or a pair of bruisers, this PlayPack has the plays that let you utilize your mismatch machines on every down and create the matchups you’re looking for on every part of the field.

Formations: Flank, 3 x 1 Wing

Number of Plays: 900+

Overall Theme: 2 Tight End Sets

Price: $9.99


PlayPack Three

Spread out opposing defenses to find the matchups you’re looking for with PlayPack Three. If you like to air it out or take deep shots in order to keep defenses honest for your running game, then this is the Playpack for you. This set of plays also utilizes the running back in the passing game so your options are never limited, allowing you to always have your best offensive players on the field at the same time!

Formations: Empty, 2 Back Slot

Number of Plays: 1000+

Overall Theme: Spread Offense

Price: $9.99


PlayPack Four

Do you like creating confusion for opposing defenses? Do you like to show a look that your opponent didn’t see during their film study of your team? Are you a former Boy Scout who sticks to the motto of “Be prepared”? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, then PlayPack Four needs to make its way into your repertoire. Use this wide variety of plays created for many specialized situations and formations and never find yourself unprepared!

Formations: Bunch, Couple

Number of Plays: 500+

Overall Theme: Unconventional Formations and Situational Plays

Price: $4.99


Prices are subject to change without notice.