Punt Return App Available July 2nd
By FirstDown PlayBook on Jun 23, 2014

We know this one has been a while coming but we are getting caught up and back on track.  We are happy to announce that we will be releasing another Special Teams phase on Wednesday July 2nd.

PR vs Spread ret

Plenty Of Punt Return Help!

We are releasing our Punt Return phase vs Spread Punt. This phase will include 30 different Punt Return schemes including six, seven and eight man box looks. We also provide you with Punt Block looks that are sure to have your opponent’s special teams coach scratching his head as you pressure their Punter.

PR VS Spread Block

Punt Block Help Too!

As always we don’t just give you scheme help but we also have coaching points for every single player on every single Punt Return and Punt Block. Technique? Yes that’s included too. We give you technique slides designed to help you install and teach your players how to hold up their man and also how to get to the block point as efficiently as possible.

So be on the lookout as the release date gets closer and remember FirstDown PlayBook currently has the following Special Teams phases available for you right now.

Kickoff: 27 different schemes and Technique slides too.

Kickoff Return: Over 50 different schemes and Technique help also.

Spread Punt: 63 different slides to help you install and coach Spread Punt

Shield Punt: 63 different slides to help you install and coach Shield and Rugby Punt. 

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