Rams So Close With Reverse
By FirstDown PlayBook on Nov 17, 2015


Not a lot went right for the St. Louis Rams on Sunday as the surging Chicago Bears cruised to a 37-13 win on Sunday. Exhibit A is this 17 yard touchdown on a well executed reverse with the exception of the left Tackle for the Rams.

This reverse came off of a basic zone scheme to the strong side as Foles hands the ball off to Gurley who then flips the ball to Austin. Foles leads Austin to the touchdown and really had no one to block. The problem is that the left Tackle did a good job of luring the play side Defensive End inside but then didn’t trust it enough, so he reaches out and holds late on the play.

It was a shame because it really had little to no bearing on the play. Regardless though, hats off to the Rams’ coaching staff as they did a great job of scheming this red zone gem that is sure to slow down the defensive pursuit as they continue to groom Gurley throughout this season! Be sure to check out the FirstDown PlayBook Tuesday 10 for this play and nine other big plays from this past week’s NFL games.

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