Red Zone High Low Adjustment
By FirstDown PlayBook on Dec 12, 2013

This has always been one of my favorite red zone plays because if the Tight End runs a nice physical stop route one yard deep in the red zone then he has a great chance to have the QB jam it in there vs zone coverages. Of course the QB is normally looking for the best side to read the high low as the X and the Z run the back of the end zone. We’ve called this a lot of different things. We’ve called the concept a 64 wrap and at Buffalo we called this concept with the 64 wrap on both sides “Hammer”Red ZoneThis short clip shows a slight adjustment we made to it as we were expecting the defense to pressure us in the red zone and play man coverage. Instead of having our Tight End and Slot push to one yard into the end zone we had them convert this route to an out route vs man coverage. We felt pretty good about our slot receiver matching up on their Nickel DB that week so it really gave us an extra option vs man coverage. It also gave us a quicker answer vs the pressure we thought ¬†we were going to get. This is only practice but it shows how to run the play.

The coaching points are still the same as the base play. The Tight End and the Slot must run their route at least one yard into the end zone so that they are sure to score with a catch. The X and Z must run their routes deep enough in the end zone to create separation between their route and the underneath route.

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