Red Zone Play-Action Pass Install
By FirstDown PlayBook on Apr 27, 2018

Real quick. Before we get started today. Three days left to take advantage of the StaffPack offer you see to the left. April 30 is the last day so if you’re going to get in on this you better get on it! Okay, now to todays football play…

One of the things we often preach here at FirstDown PlayBook about a Play-Action pass is that you must make the play look like something. Something? You ask. Well, the pass play must look like something that you do in the run game.

Well coached defensive players are tuned in to their keys and the more you can make your play-action pass look like the run that it is coming off of, the better off you are going to be. This is not always as easy as it might seem because the offensive line has a challenging job selling the run and then also protecting your quarterback long enough to get the play-action pass off.

Today’s FirstDown PlayBook play is one of our two back installations that fits well in the red zone or out in the field. This play looks a lot like a strong side run play that is about to happen with your Flanker getting into position to either crack or block support.

Instead, at the last second this becomes a switch release play-action pass with great answers vs almost any defense they throw at you. Check out this short video to dive in a little more…

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