Route Tree Installations Begin Today
By FirstDown PlayBook on Mar 18, 2017

This one has been awhile coming as a lot of you 7on7 coaches and players have been asking us for our passing game route trees. When you ask we know that some of you are talking about the old fashioned route trees that have all of the routes sprouting off of one tree but we have broken this down into much more detail for you.

The traditional system of evens go in and odds break out still holds true here but the passing game has become somewhat more complex over the years and there are at least a couple of different variations of every number in the passing game route tree.

We have broken most of our routes out into individual drawings with a brief coaching description for you. We are starting with the Outside Wide Receivers route tree and we will eventually create one for the Slot Receivers, The Tight Ends and the Running Backs. As with many parts of FirstDown PlayBook all of these route trees will be fluid and we will go in and update them from time to time also.

So if you are one of the many coaches and players who are using FirstDown PlayBook for your 7on7 or your eleven man team your passing game fire power just got a little more stronger! Tap in the drawing below to learn more!

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