Run Plays Vs One Front? Doubt It.
By FirstDown PlayBook on May 25, 2017

We here at FirstDown PlayBook can get in an eye rolling mood pretty quickly, when from time to time we scour the internet and find football running plays drawn up against one front, as if that is the only way the defense can play it.

Here’s the thing about football, real football. The defensive coaches are good too. Just as you are not going to take one formation or one play into a football game, most defenses are going to have multiple fronts and coverages.

They will have movements, stunts, dogs and blitzes. They will have coverages that will adjust to your formations and if the coaches are really good they will have pressure packages designed to attack your specific formations when they see them.

Please understand that we are not talking about youth football as many of the defenses you see will and should be pretty basic so that the kids can learn to play the game instead of remembering defenses. However, when coaches get to that next level they will normally take the next step and add wrinkles and adjustments to the three phases of football.

FirstDown PlayBook is more than just great football play drawings. We attempt to teach  a little football with each and every play, defense and scheme. Along with that comes the reality that if you are an offensive coach you had better be able to block different fronts and if you are a defensive coach you had better be able to adjust to formations, shifts and motion!


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