Under Saint Brings Heat Off The Edge
By FirstDown PlayBook on Dec 10, 2017

The FirstDown PlayBook pressure package grows once again today as we heat the offense up off of the strong side edge. This pressure is a little different than some we have drawn up for you because we are playing pure man coverage behind it. There is no free safety in the middle of the field if someone gets beat in man coverage.

Obviously, when you dial this one up it is extremely important that you get home before the quarterback has very much of a chance to hurt you. We start this pressure off in a two deep shell but based on formation and situation the defense needs to make sure they get close enough to their assignment to make it happen in  hurry when the ball is snapped.

We will come back in later this week and hit you up with the coaching points as well as the adjustments to motion and tight end trades. So enjoy the install and the NFL games today as FirstDown PlayBook continues to grow three times a week each and every week!

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