Same Flag Football Concept. Different Formation.
By FirstDown PlayBook on May 19, 2018

We want to point this out to you before you point it out to us. There are some passing game concepts in our flag football section that show up in multiple formations. As is normally the case with FirstDown PlayBook there is a rhyme and a reason to all of this.

The last thing we want you to think is that we are just mailing it in like so many others do out there. Here is why we here at FirstDown PlayBook have set it up this way.

  1. You asked for it. Some of you have asked us to keep some of the flag football concepts consistent throughout the formations because when you are coaching the younger kids it helps to keep the same play and just change the formation up a little. This is a good strategy and one that is common at all levels of football including the NFL.
  2. The Editing Tool is going to solve a lot of this once we get it in January. Yes, trust us when we say we understand this as well and probably better than you do. When you can adjust our plays a little or a lot and make them “your” plays life is going to be better for everyone.
  3. Some of you only run one formation so in order to give you a balanced attack from that formation we need to give you access to flag football plays that include common concepts that show up in other formations.

So as you get in the FirstDown PlayBook flag football section this weekend understand that there is not a lot we do here that is without a reason. Also, rest assured that as we grow the flag football formations we will also be including new concepts to keep the defense on their toes.

Enjoy the weekend and take look at this short video to learn more about the FirstDown PlayBook flag football section.


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