Screens Drawn With Run Blocking Detail
By FirstDown PlayBook on Jun 21, 2018

Offensive line coaches always appreciate a good screen pass every now and then but the ones who have coached long enough know that there is often a lot more work that goes into them on their part than meets the eye.

Yes, there is that great satisfaction of allowing the fire breathing defensive lineman to win late to the quarterback only to see the ball delivered on a screen that he can’t get to but a well executed screen is designed as much like a run play as it is a pass play and there are a lot of moving parts.

Regardless of if it’s a hitch screen, a jailbreak screen or a good old fashioned slow screen to the tailback the offensive line is going to have to account for defenders at the second level if the football play is going to be successful.

The blocking assignments are often uniquely different than what an offensive lineman is asked to do with pass protection or run blocking and as any coach knows, the timing of the screen blocking is critical if the play is to be successful. To top all of this off, the big guys are often asked to execute their block in the open field where we all know space is not an offensive lineman’s friend.

For all of the reasons above FirstDown PlayBook draws up every screen pass on the website vs five different defensive fronts just like we do your run plays. The front an offensive line is blocking can dictate a lot of things including which linemen are releasing downfield and who they are blocking.

The FirstDown PlayBook Screen section was important enough to us, when we developed it, that we left it in it’s completely individual section. See what we mean by watching this 50 second video.

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