Set Your Kickoff Return Formation First
By FirstDown PlayBook on Apr 14, 2017

A Kickoff Return is an offensive football play. All offensive football plays start with a formation and this can be your starting point from an execution and teaching standpoint.

Face it, most of your players on your special teams units understand offensive and defensive concepts better than they do the kicking game. Once you put them out there on a big football field in space many young players lose all conception that their fundamentals and the game are mostly the same as offense or defense.

This is why if you can break your Kickoff Return down into teaching segments you will have a much better job of getting your scheme across. When you show your Kickoff Return unit that once they see the ball kicked the first thing they are going to do is create a formation that has point of attack blockers, backside blockers and the timing element that goes along with that.

Your Kickoff Return formation will also help draw your opponent’s kickoff coverage unit into predictable patterns to block much like you would expect to see when playing a 4-3 or a 3-4 defense. When this happens the field shrinks and your unit feels more comfortable knowing that their assignment is going to be in a general area and this allows them to execute the fundamentals and techniques you have taught them!

Bang on the Kickoff Return below to learn more about setting your Kickoff Return formation!


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