Slide Naked Answer Out Of 3×1 Formation
By FirstDown PlayBook on Jun 6, 2018

Formations matter. Especially when you are going to ask your quarterback to turn his back to the defense and execute a convincing run fake before he boots out to the opposite side totally blind to what may be coming his way.

This is why last week we explained that we make a definite distinction between a Bootleg pass, a naked boot pass and a Waggle pass. If you want to go back and check that out click here.

Yesterday and today FirstDown PlayBook has been installing boot passes out of a  3×1 formation and there are all kinds of nice combinations to work with when you bring your quarterback out to the three man side.

However, many of you have a strong run game to the three man side and are looking for ways to build in a naked away from this run action. This can be a little dicey. You can roll the dice or you can incorporate a slide naked into the concept that at least gives your quarterback an answer if the end sniffs out the play to that side.

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