Smart Youth FootBall Adjustments
By FirstDown PlayBook on May 16, 2020

Whenever a football coach, at any level, begins to tinker with football schemes it can get dicey. If you are running a play or a scheme, it normally means that you have seen it work somewhere.

It might be something that you have run in the past. It might be something that you have seen on video. It could even be that you just like the way it looks when it is drawn up.

The best advice is to stay with what you see if at all possible. After all, if it is “battle tested” as they say, then why change it? If you are going to tweak it then it better be for a good reason.

When you are a youth football coach making adjustments can be very hard because you don’t have the time to study the video or the game for that matter as much as high school or college coach does. However, there are times when you can adjust if common sense is to prevail.

Take this adjustment off of the staple of most physical football teams that run the football. To make adjustments to the Power is nearly sacrilege to some offensive line coaches. Here at FirstDown PlayBook we think there are times when it is necessary even at the youth football level.

We all like that double team at the point of attack we get when we call a power run. However, if your fullback is getting met in the backfield every time it won’t matter. You could just throw out the play, but it is our thinking that sometimes a slight tweak based on personnel matchups is another option.

If you think your tackle at the point of attack can hold up then the scheme below might be a better football play for you. You essentially will base the play side and let the fullback lead up on the play side linebacker. Once again, we don’t suggest changing the play unless you need to but you shouldn’t be afraid to make a common sense adjustment every now and then.

Just a little crumb of information on the way out today. We will have an announcement next Tuesday about our 2020 dates for your Youth FootBall Chalk Talk webinars. Be on the lookout for that because we will be helping youth football coaches as they begin to put together their playbooks for the 2020 season. You will not want to miss this!

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