Special Teams Clinic: Mondays 9:00 PM
By FirstDown PlayBook on May 13, 2020

There has been an abundance of football webinars that have sprouted up over the past two months. Some of them better than others. Much better…

One noticeable absence is that there doesn’t seem to be anyone willing to step out there and talk special teams. Well, here we go. That all will change this Monday, May 18.

FirstDown PlayBook will kickoff a six week special teams clinic beginning Monday May 18. Former NFL and SEC special teams coach, Charlie Coiner will dive into the six phases of the special teams world one phase at a time.

We will cover scheme as well as some technique help that transcends the different levels of football. This will be an open format where you can ask questions during the clinic. We will also have a Q&A session at the end of the clinic.


***Signing up is not a guarantee that you will gain The first 100 people to show up for the webinar are accepted.

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