Special Teams Section Might Just Save Your Job
By FirstDown PlayBook on Jun 8, 2019

No one ever really begins to play or coach football because they want to be a special teams player or coach. The dreams always start with offense and defense. There’s nothing wrong with that but the evolution that takes place is inevitable for most of us.

Special teams keeps many of us employed and active in the coaching profession. Players are not immune either. If you were to go inside of the NFL meeting rooms right now as they go through OTA’s you would hear a lot of discussions about who to cut and who not to.

For the bulk of these players it will be special teams that make or break them. Trust me when I say that the fifth receiver kept on an NFL team might be the fifth best but he will definitely be a three or four phase special teams player.

Our NFL coaching career relied heavily on special teams and we were fortunate to have worked with great coaches like Dave Toub of the Kansas City Chiefs and long time special teams coordinator Bobby April. For this reason you can bet that we put every bit as much of an emphasis on the FirstDown PlayBook special teams section as we do any other.

Take a look at this video and you will understand that, yes, the offensive and defensive sections in FirstDown PlayBook exceeds anything else out there but it’s actually the special teams section that might help save your job.

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