Sundays Are For FullBacks
By FirstDown PlayBook on Sep 10, 2017

You did not see very many of these yesterday or probably on Friday night for that matter. Harbaugh still has one at Michigan and you can bet you will see some today in the NFL games. What are we talking about? It’s the vanishing college football creature called a Fullback.

We saw some hybrid Tight End/Fullbacks yesterday and most were used to block back and seal the end man on the line of scrimmage which is very effective especially when combined this with the slide naked bootleg pass off of this run.

You will see this same play today in the NFL but the added dimension is that these same Tight End/Fullback hybrids will also insert in the A,B or C gaps too. Anytime you can do this you add an extra gap for the defense to defend. This can become a necessity in the NFL when the offense is looking for a way to gain numbers in the run game and the team owner is going to fire you if you expose your highly paid quarterback to unnecessary hits.

It always gets back to the same thing though in the run game and that’s numbers. As the defense loads the box vs two back sets the importance of winning outside at receiver and tight end become critical in the play-action pass game. Let’s face it, that’s what they do for a living and great quarterbacks become great by making defenses pay for cheating to stop the run!

So as the NFL kicks off today and you see the Fullback take on a larger role with the offense understand that the Fullback is a often times a necessity in the NFL that allows your team to run the football without getting your quarterback hurt for the season! Enjoy the free coaching points by tapping on this Bob play that will surely be run a time or two today!

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