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Defense Builder Stands Alone As A Coaching Tool

Posted on February 23rd, 2018

If you really slow down and take look at the FirstDown PlayBook Defense Builder and you really know ball, it's going to be obvious...

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Find Passing Game Ideas By Formations

Posted on February 22nd, 2018

This short one minute video that tells you how to use FirstDown PlayBook as you are looking for passing game ideas out of specific...

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More Empty Formation DropBack Passes

Posted on February 18th, 2018

This weekend as we have installed seven or eight brand new Empty DropBack pass plays for you. We have stayed focused on the quick ...

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How To Use The Varsity Offensive Section

Posted on February 11th, 2018

Take a look at this short video that helps you navigate our Varsity Offensive section and also take a look at our other "How To" v...

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Varsity Pass Protection

Posted on January 28th, 2018

How To Use The FirstDown PlayBook Varsity Pass Protection Section....

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Edit The Play Name

Posted on August 11th, 2017


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Why We Need High School Football: TedX Talk Highlights The Values Of The Game.

Posted on November 21st, 2016

Reid recently spoke at the TEDx conference and discussed his mission to unravel these misconceptions and sing the praises of the h...

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FirstDown PlayBook’s Busiest Week!

Posted on November 7th, 2016

FirstDown PlayBook is always busy with our PlayBook installations but this week we are in overdrive....

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Lesson 4: Offensive Personnel Groupings

Posted on September 29th, 2016

Hall of Famer Mike Singletary and Coach Jen Welter coach us up today on offensive personnel groupings and how they are communicate...

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Lesson 3: Understanding Offensive Positions

Posted on September 21st, 2016

FirstDown PlayBook coaches Mike Singletary and Jen Welter break down each and every position on the offensive side of the ball tod...

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Special Teams: The Third Phase

Posted on September 14th, 2016

Ever wish everyone would stop talking above and over you about the game of football? You know, actually slow down and coach you up...

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FirstDown PlayBook Welcomes Dr Jen Welter!

Posted on September 8th, 2016

Who is Jen Welter? Jen was the first female NFL coach in the league's 96 year history. Talk about knocking down barriers! ...

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