Teach “Football” To Your Flag Footballers
By FirstDown PlayBook on Jun 7, 2019

“I want it to be fun for the kids”. We have read and heard this a lot lately. Please don’t get us wrong. We want the kids to have fun too but you still have to coach them. When we were young we went out  and played football in the back yard and it was FUN!

We got better at running, throwing, catching and yes, even tackling. We tried to mimic what we had watched that week on TV. This helped our football development but it wasn’t until we first started playing organized football that we realized this is different! Players actually have assignments and the other players (not to mention the coach) expect you to do your job or the play or defense will not work.

A lot of parents are holding their kids out of tackle football until they are older. The heightened discussion about concussions at all levels has parents thinking twice about allowing their child to play tackle football until they are older. We are not going to get in the middle of that one right now but one result has been an increase in the number of flag football leagues.

Unfortunately, another trend we see is that we are not only delaying the physical contact for the children but we seem to be content with delaying teaching football concepts too. It does not have to be this way. Obviously, there is no blocking or blocking schemes in flag football. There is no getting off of a block and form tackling going on. However, real football plays with real football assignments should be taught. Defensive responsibilities like contain and force should be taught.

Today we give you one example of what we are talking about and how proven football concepts can and should be taught at the youth flag football level.

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