Temple Scores Twice On This Concept To Beat Maryland
By FirstDown PlayBook on Sep 20, 2019


The Temple Owls scored twice on big plays this past weekend to beat Maryland in what some would call an upset in the young 2019 football season. What was note worthy was that Temple scored twice on essentially the same football play.

There is no denying the fact that virtually every offense has some elements of the RPO game attached to their offense this year. Defenses are searching for ways to combat that. One of the things we are seeing is that defenses are beginning to close the middle of the field more.

Doing this can essentially force the offense to depend on the quarterback to win with his arm. Temple did not flinch and delivered twice on this fade smash concept out of a 3×1 formation. Both plays were well executed and there are some essential coaching points that go along with this play.

We will draw these two versions of the play up and install them in FirstDown PlayBook today. In the meantime take a look at this short video as we talk about some of the coaching points


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