The 7on7 Coach’s Challenge
By FirstDown PlayBook on Feb 26, 2017

As challenging as it is for an offensive coordinator when they are calling plays during a football game it may have to take a back seat when compared to what a 7on7 coach has to get done during a competition. The offensive coordinator calling a game in the fall has a lot of help as his other assistant coaches are working along with him. The 7on7 coach, not so much.

Things like down and distance, personnel, the spot of the ball and the amount of time on the game clock and play clock are often kept track of by other coaches. In a 7on7 game most of the time it’s one coach and time is flying!

FirstDown PlayBook has really always been about two things. First we provide coaches with proven well drawn football plays, defenses and schemes and we provide lots of it. (over 28,000 plays at last count) Secondly, we work very hard to organize our play content and offer you technology that allows a football coach at any level find the football plays they need in a hurry.

This is why the FirstDown PlayBook passing game section is tailor made for 7on7 football coaches. With FirstDown PlayBook regardless of if you need a play based on the formation you want, the concept you need or even the coverage you are attacking we help you find what you need now!



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