The Card You Don’t Have To Get
By FirstDown PlayBook on Jun 21, 2015

113315387We were thinking about what to write about on this 2015 Fathers Day and we went back to look at what we wrote last year. After reading it we realized that the message remains the same (and probably always will). So this is a republished blog post from last year.  We hope that you and your Dad, Son or Daughter have a great Fathers Day!

Last year at this time I was doing what many of you have been doing this week. I was making sure not to forget to get the traditional Fathers Day card for my Dad who was many states away. A lot of us seem to go through this type of routine on Mother’s and Father’s day each year. After all, we are busy. We have demanding jobs and many of us have families of our own to take care of so it’s really easy to slip up and forget to get that card or gift in time.

The irony is that our Father’s could care less about that card. They just want to be a part of our lives and to know what’s going on with us. As a friend of mine once told me, “All a parent really wants is to know is that their children are safe and happy”. If the parent can be included in that equation then it’s the trifecta.

I can personally say that the direction that I have taken with my career and other parts of my life can be directly traced back to my childhood and my Dad. Like many others, I had coaches and teachers who directed me as I went through my school years but there is a reason that a below average athlete like me ends up so passionate about sports and football in particular. There was that young Dad who threw a football and baseball with me whenever he had a chance fitting me into…yes, his very busy schedule.

So this year is different. I’ve been thinking all week about that Fathers Day card. Except this year it’s the one I don’t have to get. My Dad passed away back in January and so it’s the card that I don’t need to remember that’s got me thinking about my Dad and you. Nothing in life is permanent, Dads included. So if you have one, do yourself a favor and spend some time with him this weekend. On the phone, in person, it doesn’t matter. Just let him know you are safe and happy and most importantly that you are glad he’s a part of your life.

Happy Fathers Day weekend from FirstDown PlayBook!

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