The Idea Is To Spend MORE Time With Your Kids
By FirstDown PlayBook on Feb 19, 2020

The idea is to spend MORE time with your kids, not less. What kids are we talking about? Well if you coach at the high school level it can mean spending more time with your players.

Any football coach who has coached any length of time understands that time is the number one coaching challenge. The ironic thing about it is that this problem is no different for you if you are a busy mom or dad.

How many of you have volunteers to coach a youth or flag football team so that you could spend more time with your kids, only to find that you were spending all of your nights drawing plays for your kids’ team? Makes no sense, right?

FirstDown PlayBook gets it. The time you spend with your players or your “kids” is priceless. This time of the year there are busy parents who are scouring the internet looking for well drawn flag football plays. We implore you to go spend time with your kids and leave the play drawing to us.

In fact we have already done most of it for you and that means your wristband sheets too! Tap on the drawing above to learn more!

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