The Philly Special
By FirstDown PlayBook on Feb 5, 2018

The “Philly Special”

It’s the talk of the town (or maybe the globe) this morning. We’ve had this great play installed  in the FirstDown PlayBook “Tricks For Six” section for quite awhile now.

See, the thing about it is that before this play was the “Philly Special” it was the “Bears Special” and before that it was the “Vol Special” and before that it was run at the high school level too.

Yes, we all steal football plays because great football plays do not have a shelf life. They can work forever if you run them correctly!

That’s one of the things that makes FirstDown PlayBook so great. We not only give you access to over 33,000 football plays, defenses and special teams schemes but we also have them organized so they are at your fingertips when you need them for your Super Bowl.

So enjoy your Monday as we all get to work for the 2018 season and feel free to bang on the the football play drawing below for free coaching points on the “Philly Special”!


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