The StaffPack Offer Is The Best Bargain
By FirstDown PlayBook on Feb 2, 2018

coaches working with FirstDown PlayBook playsWe don’t talk about prices and cost on this website a lot for one simple reason. We don’t like to.

It’s really that simple. We sell FirstDown PlayBook and it’s been a really great three years of doing so but this website is free and full of free football so we like to keep it that way.

Having said all of that we do get a lot of questions about the FirstDown PlayBook website and how much does it cost to join. So today we are going to simply and briefly list our prices below and offer you this short forty second video that quickly explains what we do and what we are going to do soon.

FirstDown PlayBook Subscription Plans

Monthly Subscription: $29.99 

Annual Subscription: $99.00

StaffPack Subscription: 15 Memberships For $350.00 (Limited Time Offer)

That’s it basically. Obviously the FirstDown PlayBook StaffPack is the best value but we leave that up to you and as we mention above, this offer is for a limited time only so you might want to jump on that one if you’re interested.

Finally, anyone who signs up for FirstDown PlayBook gets a one week free trial before you are ever charged one cent! Now, enough of that. Before you bolt you might want to take a look at this short video to see why FirstDown PlayBook keeps growing each and every week with football coaches, players and fans!

FirstDown PlayBook is the only Digital Football PlayBook that gives you access to over thirty two thousand football plays, schemes and technique help and is the official playbook resource for USA Football and Football Canada!

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