“There Is A Movement Going On.”
By FirstDown PlayBook on Dec 9, 2017

“There is a movement going on.” The words came from a coach’s voice on the other end of the phone. This particular coach has experience as a player in the National Football League and as a coach of high school and college players over the past several years. In other words, he knows football and he knows it at all levels.

The movement he was referring to? A movement away from teaching the millennial and Gen Z generations football the same way we taught football players in the 1990’s. His rhetoric was very familiar as he spoke of players in meetings with glazed over looks on their faces as the coach attempted to teach them off of plain black and white drawings and six or eight box diagrams.

“How can we expect to teach these kids with the out-dated methods we use and get anything other than what we get?” They have been brought up on tablets and phones with colorful animated interactive objects yet football has somehow failed to keep up. Every single aspect of the game is suffering because of it.

Coaches are spending all of their time trying to teach scheme with out-dated materials and not only has this aspect of the game been minimized because of it but the fundamentals of blocking and tackling are at an all time low for the sport of football at all levels. Yes, and when that happens safety is also compromised.

These are some of the reasons that we are drawing our football plays with the detail that we do here at FirstDown PlayBook. We are football coaches and we understand the glazed over look in the players’ meetings. We are determined to change that one play drawing at a time. A combination of interactive football plays drawn in a way that makes the football player want to look at them and learn from them will help change the game of football. The FirstDown PlayBook 2.0 editing tool will put those schools using it in a total different class when it comes to teaching.

Like the coach said, “There is a movement going on.”

FirstDown PlayBook is the only Digital Football PlayBook that gives you access to over thirty two thousand football plays, schemes and technique help and is the official playbook resource for USA Football and Football Canada!

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