These Colleges Have Their First Four Opponents Already Carded Up
By FirstDown PlayBook on Apr 8, 2019

There is no way around it. The daily routine in the fall for a football coach is brutal. People who have not done it normally don’t understand. It’s not the fact that you work all of the time that bothers most coaches. That goes along with the turf.

It’s the fact that regardless of how hard and long you work, you seem to not get everything accomplished that you want to get done. What a coach can end up doing is prioritizing the long list of things to get done and at the end of the day there are things that get neglected. This eats at a coach.

The one thing that we have always said since we launched the new Draw and Edit Tool is that, yes we have the best football play drawing tool on the planet. Yes, we have more football plays, defenses and special teams schemes than anyone else on the planet. And finally, yes, all of this was done by professionals, that would be professional coaches not professional bloggers too, by the way.

Here’s the thing though. None of that matters as much as the fact that what FirstDown PlayBook really does is save football coaches time, a lot of time. It does not matter if you coach on Sundays, Saturdays or Friday nights, your football coaching life will be changed by this tool once you begin using it.

Here’s an example of how more and more college football programs are getting out in front of their brutal fall schedule using Firstdown PlayBook to card up their first four opponents!

FirstDown PlayBook is the only Digital Football PlayBook that gives you access to over thirty five thousand football plays, schemes and technique help all designed by coaches and players with NFL experience. FirstDown Playbook is also the official PlayBook resource of USA Football and Football Canada..

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