This Kickoff Return Attacks Outside The Hashes
By FirstDown PlayBook on Aug 5, 2018

The only thing that makes a dominant athletic defender more dangerous in the game of football is if you put that dangerous defender in space. The Kickoff phase of special teams is where this shows up a lot as the Kickoff team will assign their most dominate coverage player to go directly to the ball and essentially destroy the return before it ever gets started.

Much the same way that a good offensive coordinator will identify the defensive players who can take a game over and destroy  their game plan, a good special teams coordinator will do the same on Kickoff Return.  Once that player or those players are identified then there are several ways to counter but the primary way is to double team that defender the same way you would double team or chip a great defensive end on pass protection.

Todays coaching video takes you through one of your new kickoff returns we installed this past week. It explains how this particular special teams scheme is designed to give your Kickoff Return a chance to get started before a dominant coverage player in the number three spot stops it and it also attacks the coverage outside of the hashmarks which is a great changeup from your north south attack..


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