Three Level 7v7 Flag Football Read
By FirstDown PlayBook on Oct 8, 2018

Regardless of if you are coaching in a blocking or non-blocking flag football league the challenge remains the same when you drop back to pass. The quarterback must have a way to get the ball out of his or her hand quickly or essentially you have no football play.

FirstDown PlayBook has learned a lot over the past three years about the speed of the game when it comes to flag football. One of the most revealing areas that we learned from was the 7v7 blocking flag football rules that are being used by the high school girls in the state of Florida.

Even with the ability to protect the quarterback the game still moves at a pace where if you do not have quick answers then your play has no chance. Today’s play is a non-blocking 7v7 flag football play but the major coaching points are all about giving the quarterback three quick targets that should show up in the strong side hook/curl area and yes…quickly before the pass rush gets home.

Take a look at this quick video or visit here to see the actual play in FirstDown PlayBook.

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