Throw it Where They Ain’t!
By FirstDown PlayBook on Mar 22, 2019

FirstDown PlayBook believes that all of football is organized keep away when it comes to the passing game. Flag football is not an exception to the rule. Sorry Defensive Coaches but if an offense executes with equal or better players then…advantage offense.

This 5v5 flag football play is a great example. It is important for the Center to not only execute a great snap but if he or she can take the top off of this play with speed it gets the whole thing rolling.

The Center not only clears out the middle hook area but also will take the deep halves or third player with them. If the deep players do not back up call the play again later and alert your QB to the corner route by the Center for a big play.

After that just have your QB read the play out Green-Blue-Red like with all of FirstDown PlayBook’s flag football plays. It is not only important that your QB read the play out correctly but it is also important that all of your receivers begin to learn the importance of running the route at the correct distance and with great effort!



Under Center: Take a 5 step drop.

Shotgun: Catch the snap. Take a 3 step drop.

Read: F-Z-X (Alert Center)

If the F is open throw the Stop route immediately. If the defenders bite the cheese and cover the F then look for the Z on the In route coming open behind the F. If two defenders cover both the F and the Z look for the X to come into the QB’s vision area late on the Under.

F:   Inside foot up in stance. Explode off of the ball to 6 yards. Turn inside and stay still. Do not move until the ball is thrown. Expect the ball to be thrown quickly.

C:   Stance is balanced. Snap the ball and get up the field as fast as possible. Try to beat deepest defender. Break on a deep Corner route at 10 yards. Look for the ball immediately at the top of the route.

Z:   Inside foot up in stance. Explode off of the ball to a depth of 12 yards then break inside on the Dig route. Getting the proper depth is important on this play.

X:   Inside foot up in stance. Ease off of the ball and sell the Out route first. Run to the sideline for at least 3 full steps before pivoting and returning back towards the ball at a depth of 4 yards. X is the third option so be patient early and do not get back to the point over the ball too soon.

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