Time To Bounce Your Kickoff Return
By FirstDown PlayBook on Nov 23, 2019

If you play teams that kick the ball to you in the middle of field on kickoff return odds are that you use some middle returns. It just makes sense. The shortest distance between your returner and the goal line is a straight line, right?

The coverage team still has to respect a right or a left return so if you find a small crease inside, that’s all you need. If you run the middle returns enough, at some point the cover team will begin to cheat inside to constrict the field.

When that starts happening it’s always good to have a bounce scheme on your kickoff return call sheet. The difference in a bounce kickoff return is and a normal directional return is that the “Bounce” looks like the middle return at first.

Today we are sharing you one version of a bounce return. Once again, you will want yours to look like your middle return. However, you can still get the idea off of this six man bounce return we pulled from FirstDown PlayBook this morning.

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