Trick Plays Need To Be Detailed
By FirstDown PlayBook on Sep 19, 2019

When we see a trick play executed in football we often times think “Hey, what just happened there?”. Most of the time what makes a trick play deceptive to the defense is that it looks like something else. It’s not until after the defense takes the bait on the deception that they realize they have been had.

The trouble that some offensive coaches can get themselves into is that they try to get too tricky. Most of the time a trick play will have a player executing a skill that they rarely, if ever, are asked to execute. For this reason the coaches need to carefully consider all of the details.

The trick play may be so planned out that it can only be called on one hash and not the other. It may also be necessary to only run this play to the right or the left. Many times a special teams or offensive coordinator will give the punter or quarterback instruction to abort the fake unless they get the look they need to run the fake successfully.

This past Saturday, the Indiana Hoosier coaches did a nice job of setting up this double pass to their tight end. There are a lot of interesting elements to this trick play. If you tap on the play drawing we discuss some of them with USA Football’s Keith Grabowski and Zach Dunn.


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