Trick Plays & Screens Updated
By FirstDown PlayBook on Mar 30, 2019

Two of your most popular areas on FirstDown PlayBook just got a facelift over the past few days. We have spent some time going in and re-organizing both the Screens and the Trick Play areas. We thank you once again for your patience with our dust as we have been working to get everything back in  order on the website after the big upgrade that happened in January.

The new FirstDown PlayBook Draw and Edit tool is offering us so much more flexibility than the 1.0 website that it’s easy to get carried away with all of the ways that we are going to be able to help coaches now. You are going to see different areas and categories start to spring up as we begin to load you up with new plays and content this year.

Today, however we want to focus on the Trick Play and the Screens areas so that when you jump on the Draw and Edit tool next you can get right to them. We also tell our FirstDown PlayBook coaches about where they can receive updates from us about new installations!

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