Trust Us Drawing Football Plays Takes Time
By FirstDown PlayBook on Jul 14, 2014

ist2_265092-strategy-gameplan-x-s-o-sFirstDown PlayBook has been drawing football plays for a long time. In fact, FirstDown PlayBook was conceived when we realized that we had nearly thirty years of coaching playbooks packed into seventeen heavy boxes that were getting lugged from city to city as our resume grew. At some point we said enough. We began to combine the plays that we already had on our computer with the ones in those paper playbooks and shortly thereafter FirstDown PlayBook was born!

Well, that’s not really what we want to talk about today but it’s at the heart of the topic. Trust us, drawing football plays takes a lot of time. We draw football plays every day. People ask us what we use to draw plays and we answer honestly that we use Microsoft Visio. It’s an engineering tool that most if not all of the NFL Quality Control coaches use to draw. It’s not hard to learn but it is a computer program that requires attention to detail and yes, a lot of time.

That’s why we smile when we read about the latest greatest company that will allow you to “draw your own plays”. You’ve always been able to draw your own football plays. They act as if it’s been impossible to do this up until the last year or two. The ability to draw football plays on a computer has been around for 20-30 years. However, before you start drawing that first formation vs that first defense (please don’t draw that play vs only one defense) here are a few things to consider:

1. You have to know what you are drawing. You must have a football background that allows you to draw sound football plays.

2. You must be somewhat computer savvy. You don’t have to be from the Silicon valley or anything but yes, regardless of the drawing tool you choose there is a learning curve as it pertains to technology.

3. It’s going to take TIME. Don’t get us wrong. If you are a football junkie and you like spending your leisure time in front of a computer drawing football plays as opposed to your hobbies, raising your family or just keeping up with your personal life in general…well never mind this article is not for you.

So FirstDown PlayBook will continue to draw proven football plays that are easily accessed and easy to reproduce for your team, coaches and parents. If you are worried about having the same plays as the other teams then do yourself a favor and visit five NFL training camps next month. If your scheme is proven and you can coach it well you will win a lot more games than if you are trying to outscheme someone.

We will continue to talk about this as we head into the 2014 football season because we think it’s important. For now, just understand that there is nothing wrong with drawing your own football plays but also understand that you’re making a serious time commitment.

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