Two Back Boot Passes Give You Flexibility
By FirstDown PlayBook on Aug 6, 2018

FirstDown PlayBook knows that with the massive popularity of spreading the offense out these days that there are fewer two back offenses out there. However, we have talked to a cross section of you who still like to keep this in your playbook. In our estimate that is a smart thing, especially if you have two gifted running backs or a fullback who can create extra gaps in the run game.

The use of two backs in the backfield also can give you the extra protection needed at times to push the ball down the field with your drop back game. Today however, we are focusing on the flexibility you have when you install your boots and waggles out of two back formations.

The obvious first advantage with your bootleg passing game with two backs is that you can build it off of the running game we just described above. This is not the extent of it though. When you have two backs in the backfield you can use the blocking back as a slide naked runner, a run sell player and also as an edge protector.

These assignments can all be carried out from the same side alignment or with split flow in the backfield as well. As long as it ties into your run game it can give linebackers a headache trying to get a bead on your running game, particularly if your quarterback has wheels and can add a perimeter run threat. Check out this short video as we explain and introduce you to the latest installation on FirstDown PlayBook!


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