Unbalanced Formation Personnel Decisions
By FirstDown PlayBook on Jun 9, 2018

Personnel decisions are important regardless of the age  group you coach when it comes to football. Sure, you may not be spending hours with the video looking for ways to get the best possible matchups like they do in the NFL but it’s still important to put your kids in a poison to be successful.

As FirstDown PlayBook has been installing your youth football unbalanced formations we have tried to be sensitive to the fact that we do not know your personnel. We realize there may be several ways to create an unbalanced look from your normal formations.

We address this right off the bat with your coaching points and as we draw the unbalanced plays up you may see us do it two different ways. Obviously, this is just one more way that the editing tool is going to open up doors for you as you organize your gameplan in the future.

This short video explains what to look for as you begin organizing your youth football playbook for the 2018 season. Take a quick look. We think it will help you a lot.


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