Unbalanced Formation Philly Trick Play Is Special
By FirstDown PlayBook on Sep 7, 2018

First of all we want to wish you all good luck and good health tonight as we begin to get further into our 2018 high school football season. Any colleges who are playing tonight, let’s just say that we don’t think you should be playing on Friday night but that’s another topic.

Any of you who got to watch some of the NFL opener last night saw a typical NFL football game for week one. Sloppy in a lot of ways but that is to be expected. Those pre-season games are not played at nearly the speed that the regular season games are and the schemes are more specific to beat a particular team and even particular players once you get to the real stuff.

Of course there was a lot of hype about the “Philly Philly” play that is a version of the Super Bowl play. This mostly came from the press and the fans. FirstDown PlayBook thinks you football coaches will appreciate this unbalanced 12 personnel play that the Eagles scored their first touchdown on just as much. The Eagles coaches did a masterful job of creating an unbalanced or over formation that allowed them to get an extra blocker on the backside of this zone play without adding another defender in the box.

Bang on either the pic or the football play drawing below to see how we have broken down this well conceived football play and also to learn how to get it and a lot of other plays on the FirstDown PlayBook website throughout the 2018 football season. Enjoy!

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