Unbalanced Run Pass Option
By FirstDown PlayBook on Apr 16, 2018

This weekend FirstDown PlayBook installed new football plays in your Unbalanced Runs section which is, by the way, starting to get fairly robust. One of the plays was a neat little wrinkle off of the Zone Read Y Stick Run Pass Option that has become so popular in the high school and college ranks as of late.

Adding the unbalanced ingredient to this can throw a defense slightly off with their alignments and keys and at times it can have the effect of forcing a defender to execute a technique or read that they normally would not have to.

The play in today’s video is a great example as the rules are fairly simple and unless the defense is willing to play some type of close field coverage, the odds are pretty good that you are going to be able to run the inside zone with good numbers.

The other hidden effect here is that your tight end is running his Stick route off of a Will linebacker who is not as experienced at defending a good tight end on this popular route. Finally, one of the most redeeming parts about this play is if the quarterback ends up with the ball in his hand late, it is still a very tough run scheme to stop on the boot!

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