Unbalanced Runs And More
By FirstDown PlayBook on Feb 7, 2018

Here at FirstDown PlayBook we are always growing, changing and evolving much like you are with your football team. That includes more than just installing new football plays for you three times a week, every week.

This past week was a good example. As we began to to install unbalanced run game football plays for you we realized that we could re-organize the “View By Tag” area a little better to fit the way high schools and colleges use these two areas.

Although even at the NFL level they have loosened their rigid definition of what constitutes a short yardage and a goal line situation you are still going to find most of the teams draw a distinct line between the two.

However, at the college and high school level we see more of a blend or gray area when it comes to these two special situations. So as we introduced your new unbalanced plays we thought it was a good time to also create an area where you could go get short yardage and goal line plays in one spot.

As we mention in this short video, our initial installations of unbalanced run plays will all fit nicely into both areas before we expand out and begin drawing up unbalanced run plays from more spread out formations out in the field.

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