USA Football Article On NFL Shifts, Trades And Motions
By FirstDown PlayBook on May 24, 2019


One of the biggest differences with coaching in the NFL is that you will line up each and every week with similar personnel to your opponent. Yes, it helps to have a Brady or a Watts on your side but, generally speaking, you have to look hard for personnel matchups that give you  an advantage.

Often times the way you get those matchups is with shifts, trades and motions. When you consider this with just the pure advantage of making a defense really think about their gap responsibility and coverage then you understand why you see this so much of it on your Sunday television in the fall.

USA Football’s Brendan Leister has been doing a good job lately at breaking down some of the ways the best football coaches in the world find small but significant advantages with their schemes. His latest article looks at how NFL coaches use shifts, takes and motions.

FirstDown PlayBook contributed the drawings and we suggest you head over to the USA Football website to read the full article by clicking on the drawing below. Also if you are a FirstDown PlayBook member all of these plays are in your playbook ready for you save and edit.

By USA Football’s Brendan Leister
A creative way to attack defenses is through the use of multiple motions/shifts. Motions/shifts can give the quarterback a zone/man tell while also allowing the offense to outflank the defense improve blocking angles. Today, we look at six concepts NFL teams paired with multiple motions during the 2018 season.

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Y Across/FB Offset – Outside Zone

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