USA Football Details NFL Goal Line Passes
By FirstDown PlayBook on Apr 25, 2019


A little while back USA Football’s Brendan Leister did a nice job with an article about how NFL teams create open receivers on or near the goal line. It’s a precarious place to be calling plays because you are probably going to get heated up in some fashion or form and you are absolutely sure the defense is going to outnumber you in the run game.


Brendan does a good job of detailing five plays from the NFL season where offensive coordinators created open receivers in this situation. If you want to go straight to these plays in FirstDown PlayBook just tap here and if you are a member you can move them into your playbook area and edit them!


By USA Football’s Brendan Leister

When facing goal line defenses that stack the line of scrimmage, teams need pass concepts they can trust to put six points on the board. Pick plays (or rubs) provide a great way to defeat tight man coverage. Today we take a look at five pick concepts NFL teams used to score touchdowns last season.

The offense lines up in a 3×1 bunch set with the tight end lined up as the isolated receiver. The No. 3 receiver motions across to the left guard, back to the right tackle and then back across the formation, running full speed to the flat at the snap. The No. 1 and No. 2 receivers run slants, the running back runs a swing and the tight runs a spot route with an aiming point of the upfield shoulder of the defender running with the receiver in motion. If the defense is in man, the QB looks to throw to the motion man in the flat. If the defense is in zone, he works the double slant/swing…to read the complete article tap on the drawing below.


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