USA Football Talks Attacking The Tite Front
By FirstDown PlayBook on Jul 20, 2019

One of the great things about our game is that for every new wave of football that evolves, the other side of the ball evolves with it. RPO’s bring RPO beaters. Quarters coverage brings quarters beaters.

The “Tite” front was popping up all over football in 2018. The tite front, at it’s roots is an odd front with the two tackles playing 4I’s or a Bear front with the tackles widened out to 4I’s. As would be expected, the offensive coaches went back to the drawing board (or grease board) and got to work dissecting it.

USA Football’s Seth Galina does a nice job here of breaking down at least one way the offensive coaches were attacking the tite front linebackers last season. You can bet you will see more of it in 2019.

BY USA Football’s Seth Galina

Running the Tite front allows for speedier inside backers to flow without having to deal with guards and tackles getting their hands on them while also giving you the option of dropping four off-ball linebackers in coverage on any given play. Still, there are avenues for offenses to attack the front if you are not prepared.

Where you can get in trouble is with zone read action depending on which linebacker you allow to be conflicted. If you choose to keep your C-gap off-ball linebackers conflicted, this particular play can hurt you:

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