Use The Youth Football Tags
By FirstDown PlayBook on Jun 10, 2018

The majority of our youth football coaches find a formation or two and stick with those formations throughout their gameplan and their playbook.  This is generally a good philosophy because when you are coaching a youth football team one of the worst things that you can do is overload them with too many formations or football plays.

Please keep in mind that FirstDown PlayBook has labeled our youth football plays as being designed for players who are twelve and under. We understand that this is pretty subjective and not an exact science but at least as a coach you have a reference point when you choose Varsity or Youth plays. It’s also a reference point for the coaching tip we are about to give you.

If you are using the FirstDown PlayBook youth football section there is a powerful tool that we think can help you coach with a greater efficiency. The simple “Tags” at the top of each youth football formation and at the bottom of each youth football play can be extremely helpful as you organize your playbook.

Here’s why. Another way that you can keep your youth football playbook simple but yet have enough offense to keep the defense guessing is to run similar plays out of different formations. So if you decide that you want to run three or four formations that may be stretching it as far as your players’ retaining all of  it but if you are going to go that route then you will want to run the same or similar football plays form those formations.

Watch this short video to learn more…

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