Use Your “Favorite Plays” Button To Game Plan
By FirstDown PlayBook on Mar 23, 2019

Finding the right amount of offense, defense or special teams to take into a game is always a tricky proposition for a coordinator. Take too much and odds are you are going to execute it average at best. Don’t take enough and you could be left without any answers late in the game.

When coordinators take this into consideration, they usually will have some process that they go through to find the right balance with this formula. Some coordinators and head coaches will set a number of plays and will not allow themselves to take more than that into a game.

Even the coordinators who do this fight the battle of what to keep in and what to throw out when it gets to be later in the week and closer to game time. You will find that as you begin to use FirstDown PlayBook, you will have to also be careful as you add plays, defenses and special teams schemes to your playbook.

This is why we recommend that you use the “Favorite Plays” button when game planning with Firstdown PlayBook. This will allow you to be very inclusive as you begin the process of finding plays and schemes but it will also give you an area to trim down your game plan and come up with the best plays for that week.

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